Beginners Courses

Slow flow. These classes are suitable for complete beginners, returning students, people recovering from illness, trauma or grief, those who need to slow down and reduce their stress levels and those who are looking to improve their work life balance.

Doing a yoga class with me will leave you feeling calm and supported with a wonderful sense of well being. Yoga is non judgmental and a safe place to be.

We will do the full class bare foot with a yoga mat and relevant props that will be provided for you. You need not bring anything with you, unless you would like water after the session.

Please try not eat anything 2 hours prior to practise because this does affect your ability and comfort during the class. If you are hungry try a small piece of fruit or light yogurt an hour before.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class and be in comfortable stretch clothing. You may want a warm top and socks for the relaxation part of the class but blankets are provided. You may get hot during class, so either wear layers or something light and comfortable that you would usually excersise in. You will be stretching so think about what to wear.
In the class you will use your mat as your working area. This should eventually become your go to place of calm, safe and secure me time. Many yogis call it their happy place.

In your beginners class you will spend a short time arriving on your mat and slowing down before the Asana practise begins. You will be guided through a short meditation including breathing techniques. This is nothing to worry about, many people enjoy this part of the class the most. This will then be followed by a series of yoga postures that will extend, soften, strengthen and relax your body, mind and soul, although do be prepared. Yoga is not easy and can be very challenging at times.

At the end of the class we will enter into savasana which is your relaxation and well deserved time to feel your practise and appreciate all your hard work. You should leave content, calm and proud of what you have achieved. All you have to do is turn up in the first place.

WARNING : Yoga changes lives , it changed mine and it could change yours!

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