A popular choice for people having individual needs that don’t want to join public classes.
£90 for a 2 hour session that can be tailored to your requirements . In this session you can adapt and change the time accordingly to include a therapeutic massage, (we will discuss the most beneficial and relevant to your needs as well as your yoga practice).

A few examples:
60 min yoga - 60 min massage , including consultation
30 min Yoga followed by 90 min massage
2 hour massage , including consultation
2 hour yoga session.

I would highly recommend these sessions for people who are experiencing life pressures and struggling to find balance .
Examples of situations that might benefit are:

   • Clients that need confidentiality
   • Low confidence and self esteem
   • Grief
   • Divorce
   • Anxiety, depression, panic attacks
   • People recovering from short or long term illness
   • Infertility
   • Loneliness
   • Needing to loose weight
   • High stress levels

Living in this digital media led world can leave us susceptible to low immune systems, poor relationships, lack of communication, a general feeling of apathy and worthlessness and believe that happiness is not a natural state for human beings but one that requires hard work and commitment. This starts with you putting yourself first and showing that you do care about you. To make a better world, we have to be a better world.

One of my favourite sayings is “be a human being, not a human doing “. Sometimes you just need to be you.

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