Dynamic Courses

This class is suitable for regular yoga students, people of moderate fitness levels and experienced yogis looking to improve and maintain their practice or move to the next level.

We will do the full class bare foot with a yoga mat and relevant props that will be provided for you. You need not bring anything with you unless you would like water after the session. Please try not eat anything 2 hours prior to practise because this does affect your ability and comfort during the class. If you are hungry try a small piece of fruit only or light yogurt an hour before. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class and be in comfortable stretch clothing. 

During this class you will experience a more challenging practise. You will have some experience of Yoga and be moderately fit. The pace of this class will be faster than slow flow. You will practise balancing postures and inversions. There will be occasional partner work when you will assist your fellow yogis but not every week.

During this practise you will build strength, tone your muscles and stretch further than you are used to. There will be some, but minimal hands on assistance from the teacher should you feel uncomfortable or want this help to correct alignment or postures.

Ali will encourage deeper stretches, longer holds and steady slow breathing all of which can be challenging but also the most fun, noisy and rewarding . You will boost your confidence, self esteem and courage!

Great for people that also want to keep up a regular practice if on holiday.

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